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Cheonggyewons quality managing efforts

We will do our best to supply fresh and safe foods

First, Cheonggyewon eggs are safe.

- Cheonggyewon aspires to be the best laying hen farm that complies HACCP guidelines set by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

  • Establish standards for hygiene management for each laying phase
  • Ensure cleanliness and well-maintained facility for each phase
  • Ensure Salmonella and antibiotics-free operation for each phase
  • Prevent disease outbreaks by implementing preventive measures
  • Strictly comply with the HACCP guidelines for eco-friendly agricultural products.

    - Cheonggyewon eggs are certified for non-antibiotics and eco-friendly farming. Any antibiotics, antimicrobial agents and growth hormone boosters are not used during the laying period. Healthy poultry rearing environment is provided. Eco-friendly organic fertilizer is produced to achieve eco-friendly circular model for cultivation and production. As a result, healthy and fresh eggs are produced.

    Secondly, Cheonggyewon eggs are fresh.

    - The date of laying is stamped

    The freshness of eggs can be monitored through the laying date stamped on egg shell.
    We will always provide fresh eggs.

    - Cold-Chain Management System

    Cold chain system is used for the entire transport process Starting with freshly laid eggs by maintaining low temperature of 10 or below.

    - Traceability system

    The history of Cheonggyewon eggs can be traced back to their grade, corresponding chicken breed, age, health status and producer and involved GP center information as well.
    This system help us respond to any inquiries, including customer claim, promptly and provide information required for each case.

    Thirdly, Cheonggyewon eggs are the first Korean eggs to abroad.

    Have you heard that Korean eggs are exported? For the first time as a Korean egg farm, Cheonggyewon exports eggs to Singapore and Hong Kong where the permit for food exports is very difficult to obtain due to tough requirements.
    Exporting eggs should meet diverse and demanding requirements including international certifications such as HACCP for farm production and logistics, internationally accepted preventive measures against pathogens and avian influenza, stringent quarantine system and high freshness of eggs required under standardized specification. However, Cheonggyewon have gained reputation from customers abroad for the first time as a Korean fresh egg exporter.