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Amazing egg stories around the world û  2017.05.02  hit : 4,110

Amazing egg stories around the world

We gathered all the amazing episodes related to egg from around the world.

For the record, Peter Dowdeswell from Corby, England ate 14 hard-boiled eggs within 58 seconds in 02/18/1977, Duglas L. ate 32 soft-boiled eggs within 130 seconds in 05/09/1957, and James Lindrop from Manchester, England ate 13 uncooked eggs within 3.8 seconds in 09/29/1973.

In 02/25/1756, a white leghorn chicken in Vineland, New Jersey, produced the heaviest egg, which weighted 453.592g. It also had two yorks and double layered shells.

In 1896, a black minotka hen in England produced the biggest egg, which weighted 340.194g. It also had five yorks diameters of 31.115cm and 22.86cm (horizontally and vertically).

In July 1971, in a chicken farm located at Hainsworth, New York, there once was an egg with 9 yorks.

A hen in Ohio lived for 28 years and still produced eggs then.

A hen from a farm in Kansas produced black eggs, and it surprised many to witnessed.

An egg art piece made by Paberge was once auctioned at The New York Christy for 1.85 million dollars.

In Africa, some stored water into egg shells and buried under the sand and drink using a straw when there was a draught.

In France, a captive in war kept a hen that produced 50 eggs annually.

In a museum in Nepal, there is an egg that seems to be unbreakable, and it is from 1900 years ago.

In China, fake eggs made out of calcium compounds or chemicals were sold in 2008. When they were taken for a long time, they could cause headache or dementia.

When the price of feed for poultry in Poland became cheaper than that in Germany, the German chicken farmers brought their chickens into Poland to feed them and brought them back to Germany for laying eggs. Then they took a bigger profit in Germany.

In China, a certain minority race rolls an egg from the higher place. When the egg stops rolling, the spot is chosen for burial.

A man from China once held 9 eggs using fingers and wrist and put 1 more on the back of his hand to hold total 10 eggs in one hand. How amazing!

There was a man in Suwon, Kyeonggi-do who only had two plates of eggs per day and nothing else for two years. He had a eating disorder, and started to take eggs since then. Doctors, including a psychiatrist, checked him up but found nothing unordinary.