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Cholesterol in egg york, a hidden gem û  2017.05.02  hit : 232

Cholesterol in egg york, a hidden gem

An article from Health Chosun, dated 2013.08.29

Some of us remove the york part when we eat an egg, concerned about its high cholesterol. However, the fact begs to differ; the nutrition contained in the york actually increases the beneficial cholesterol in our body.

The secret lies in an ingredient called choline of the york.
Choline, a main element of lecithin, reduces the blood pressure, prevents
arteriosclerosis and stimulates brain cells. Lecithin can also be found in soybean, but choline in the
york is much better in the amount contained and absorption rate. Recent study shows that choline in the york can help reduce the symptom of the Alzheimer disease or the cure of it. So it is merely a rumor that egg yorkcontains high cholesterol which could be harmful for the body.

Then, how is the beneficial cholesterol made? Cholesterol in the blood is carried by a cholesterol carrier, lipoprotein. And whether the cholesterol becomes a beneficial one, a unhealthy one or neutral fats depends on the type of carrier. A carrier that produces a beneficial cholesterol requires a lot of lecithin that surrounds cholesterol.

Since egg york contains a lot of choline, the main element of lecithin, the number of the beneficial carrier increases, and, therefore, the amount of beneficial cholesterol preventing arteriosclerosis also increases.

However, one must be careful while cooking an egg. Certain types of oils used for cooking an egg might increase the fatty acid which stimulates synthesis of cholesterol. Vegetable oils like salad oil or olive oil is recommended. Unless the doctor advised to be careful about high cholesterol, a regular person may have two eggs per day. Those who avoided eating eggs should start having eggs to prevent dementia.