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Folk remedy using egg û  2017.05.02  hit : 228

Folk remedy using egg.

Folk remedy that uses eggs are not of the modern medicine, but rather from the wisdom passed down from the ancestors.

When there is bloody discharge during pregnancy, boil two eggs with warm water and during while hot.

For a burn, apply the white part of an egg. When poked by a nail, application of the white part will prevent from festering.

For a finger pain, poke a hole in an egg and put the finger in it twice a day (change the egg each time) to ease the pain and prevent from festering.

In eastern medicine, applying the white on your skin can improve the acne skin.

For a bruise, you rub the area with an egg to stimulate blood circulation and improve the clotted blood condition.

To stop bleeding, apply the white as a temporary remedy.

For diarrhea, drink a green tea mixed with an uncooked egg.

Egg calms the mind and helps to forget spasm, so it is good for a childs neurotic symptom. Also egg soothes the five viscera, the york eases dysentery and protects from the lack of energy, and the white eases
jaundice and anemia.

For chronic bronchitis, mix water with 50g of omija and boil eggs in it for about 3 hours. Once the shell becomes soft, take one egg for every 4 hours.

For sole throat, mix an egg with 30 ml of vinegar and take after 4-5 hours.

For childs chronic diarrhea, remove the white and mix the york with a spoonful of ginger juice. It works better for chronic diarrhea than for acute diarrhea.

For a burn or blotch, heat the shell in a flying pan until it is burnt, wrap in a garment and apply on the area burnt.

For eye inflammation, mix the white with distilled water (1-2% ratio) and apply onto the eye.